TA UAV Mapper

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Product Description

Talon modified and made efficient for 1Hr Endurance.

Easy to use, It can map 4-5 per flight.


  1. GSD of 4.8cm at height of 200mts. is achieved by the Sony A6000 Camera with 16mm lense
  2. Endurance Tmotor and equivalent Esc makes the flight safe.
  3. Pixhawk cube with Here Gps make its reliable.
  4. Failsafe and RTH functions preprogrammed.
  5. Auto Take off hand launch is tuned.


Components :

RTF tuned TA UAV Mapper comes ready to fly in the box which can directly be flown and deployed.

  1. TA Mapper
  2. Radio
  3. Telemetry
  4. 5 sets of Batteries
  5. Extra Propellers
  6. Repair Kit
  7. Camera with lense
  8. 5pcs of Filters
  9. Charger
  10. Trigger
  • All spares and repairs available with us for the solution feel free to drop us a message on Contact US

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