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We have partnered with the several companies which have extensive API and SDK to build scalable and intelligent drone application. We always seek for the customers who have a great idea because it motivates us and gives the challenge to turn an idea into a real-world application.

We work closely and assist customers in clarifying the general conditions for each project, ranging from technical and legal feasibility to practicality and economic advantage. We believe in keeping things transparent so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Verticals We Serve

This is one of our R&D self developed product it has flight time of approx 50mins+ with payload capacity of around 500 gms and can be used for various activities like mapping and surveillance.
This setup is for heavy lift and can be attached with various payloads for various different applications
XUAV Talon is one of our RTF models where you need not worry about anything you can direct deploy it on field for mapping purpose.
We have build and supplied various industrial application drones with zoom and thermal capable cameras eg: 20x zoom camera and thermal cameras with down link for surveillance and flaw detection in structures.

Some drones are even capable of obstacle avoidance and indoor navigation.

We also support college students and guide them for their autonomous drone projects, We believe in supporting the community and giving it back to them.
We have accomplished various automation on drones for college projects and their applications
We can assemble and tune your drone which you have already purchased it may be a repair job also we will do it for you, No need to go through various risks of damaging it we will handle it for you.

ThinkAerial provides a complete aerial survey and aerial mapping solution. Based in Mumbai – India, We use cutting-edge drone technology & most stable processing software which carries out aerial surveys to collect topographical data and imagery that is only possible from the air. From the resulting output, we can provide you with precise Geo-referenced data and 3D mesh imagery.

This 3D mapping data is CAD-ready and can be opened via various CAD softwares which enables you to plan your project conveniently.

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