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Think Aerial specializes in capturing aerial imagery at various heights using unmanned aerial aircrafts, also known as Drone, UAV or UAS, equipped with high-resolution cameras and multi-axial gimbal. We have already discovered amazing shoots which brings us a motivation to produce more quality. This technology enables us to operate in a fast, flexible and cost saving manner. Since we fly below cloud cover we can operate on many more days compared to manned aerial photography missions. Providing you the ultra best quality videos and images is now covered by us. Think photography, Think Aerial.

As professional aerial photographers, we know exactly how to work around with the ‘post processing’ wizardry & compose the best possible shots. We offer a full in house editing service to meet your needs. Working with a full Adobe Suite. Our camera shoots RAW & JPEG formats. We can either process the images for you or hand over the RAW files at the end of the day’s shoot for you to play around with it.

Unlock the potential and hire talented aerial photography professionals specially trained to get your job done quickly with ultra 4K quality.

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Master Process Which We Follow

Year by year we have provided quality and improved our vision to bring you more quality work. Thhink Aerial Drone Photography in India provides you the best photos and videos experiance which you require for your project.

Verticals where we delivered quality work in Commercial and Movie Aerial Video, Real Estate, Construction, Jobsite Progress, Obliques, Golf Courses, Car Dealerships, Commercial Property Advertising, Residential Insurance, Architectural, Roof Inspection, Cell Tower Visual Inspection, Flare Stack Inspection, Historical Preservation, Mapping, Virtual Tours, Accident Investigation, Agricultural Survey.

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First crucial step for Aerial Photography with Think Aerial, where we take a proper brief description of your needs. We care client satisfaction, so we aquire client needs first then provide our advice in second. We at Think Aerial always urge to meet the client & have a face to face conversation so that the things are transparent and doubt free.

After the brief is set in place, either the budget is finalized or a recce is conducted if required.



Recce is a part of our procedure where team Think Aerial inspects the site or the location in which aerial imaging needs to be done. Post recce, the shoot is systematically planned. Based on the recce & the brief, the relevant equipment/drone is prepared for the actual shoot.
50% of the payment to be made during pre-production.


The production phase of aerial photography is nothing but the actual aerial shoot. The necessary aerial shots are captured based on the brief.

Enhance Mode

Post Production in Aerial Photography is the phase when we uses the art of softwares to enhance the RAW images captured during the shoot. This is the final phase of the Aerial Photography project where we will deliver the finished final product to the client.
The balance 50% payment to be made at the time of Delivery.

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“It was really fun getting to know the team during the project. They were all helpful in answering my questions and made me feel completely at ease. The design ended up being twice as good as I could have ever envisioned!”

Vinay Tyagi

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